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What Is Business Psychology & Why Does It Matter? | The Work Psychologists

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

There has never been a more challenging time for those in leadership positions than right now…

A global pandemic certainly keeps everyone on their toes and companies of all shapes and sizes, across all industries and sectors, are having to rethink how they operate and how they can continue to reassure and engage with their workforce at a particularly stressful and uncertain time for all.

Enter business psychologists! It’s not necessarily about being competitive at the moment and getting a leg up on others in your sector - it’s more about ultimate survival at the moment.

Talking to the right business psychologist can really make all the difference.

Once the world has righted itself once again and we’re all back on a more even footing, thoughts can then turn to reaching the top of your industry, but you can’t do that if your business is no longer up and running, and the right kind of leadership coach can make a huge difference to the success of a brand.

So what exactly is business psychology?

Unsurprisingly, it makes use of psychological insights to help workplaces run more effectively, helping business managers lead their teams successfully and with less friction among team members, allowing them to reach their particular business goals quicker and easier. A win-win for all.

Different aspects of psychology are drawn upon to gain a greater understanding of how people work on an individual level, as well as what is taking place on a deeper level and how this could be having an effect on how someone works and how they perform as part of the overall business operations.

But it’s not just an understanding of people and human behaviours that a business psychologist has in abundance.

They also have a deep understanding of business dynamics and how successful companies operate - and they don’t have to be an expert in your particular industry in order to help you come out on top.

How business psychologists work

Typically, a business psychologist will come into a company and begin by working with the leaders, helping them deliver their insights to the rest of the team, but also helping them become more self-aware and deepening their understanding of how their strengths and weaknesses (we prefer the term 'development areas') can have an impact on how well the team does.

Not only that, but these coaches also work closely with the teams themselves, identifying areas ripe for improvement and fixing broken systems to ensure that everyone works well together and towards a common goal.

As for the overall business itself, this kind of consultant can help you identify any barriers to success that may exist that you’re simply not aware of, advising you on how to tackle such issues and give you that much-needed boost you’ve been looking for. If you have hit a bit of a ceiling and you can’t work out why, a business psychologist could be just the ticket.

Looking for team development services at the moment? Get in touch with The Work Psychologists today.



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