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Our Amazing Clients

Below is a selection of just a few of our amazing clients where we have helped teams and leaders to thrive within the workplace.



The Work Psychologists provide exceptional and talented coaches.
I can never get enough of their energy and passion for the world of coaching and psychology. They worked with C4 for the past three years and coached many mid and senior members throughout the entire organisation. Through their varied experience and background, coupled with a sharp understanding of our business needs, means they bring creative solutions and ideas to help individuals as well as our organisational aims.

Their style is high challenge and support whilst pushing the boundaries for individuals to achieve their personal objectives and potential. We truly cannot get enough of the Work Psychologists.

Shetel Khimashia, Talent and Culture Manager, Channel 4 

Sarah-Jane has to be one of the best coaches I have met in my life. She is extremely professional,  has a very high level of emotional intelligence, and is able to adapt to all kind of situations. She has made a real difference for me.  I would highly recommend them.

Sandrine Desbarbieux-Lloyd European, Vice President DigitalSamsung Electronics 

Sarah-Jane is probably the most exceptional, creative, energising company I have ever worked with. Sarah is a brilliant investigator, up on the trends and highly creative . This combined with good business-savvy, determination and hard work make Sarah a fantastic asset-and a pleasure to work with.

John Burke, President Bacardi (Incubation Brands) 

The Work Psychologists go above and beyond to get to the crux and more granular issues at hand and are simultaneously able to zoom out to gather the bigger picture. In doing so, they enable the group to achieve true teamwork and collaboration to move towards both collective and individual performance development and objectives. Thank you for your impactful analyses and coaching!

Alternative Asset Management Client

The Work Psychologists have been instrumental in helping me to develop as a person and as a leader. I'm extremely appreciative! Awesome. 

Patrick Nelson, Head of Real Estate, We Work

You were right about the fact I was not looking forward to this process, but I have actually really enjoyed it and thank you for making me feel very at ease.
I’ve already got heaps of learning from our time together  ‘We vs. I’, a heightened awareness of the impact I have on others.  What’s more, I  now realise I need to find support in the form of exec sponsors / mentors, ongoing coaching as an outlet to discuss some of my more personal challenges. 

Managing Director - TV startup - Leadership Assessment 

Driving teams, developing strategy, leading workshops,
personal or team coaching... These are just some of the skills the work psychologists are best known for - but on top of that Sarah is just the most amazing person to work with. Her positive 'can-do' spirit is inspiring and motivating. Her coaching can lead anyone or any team to success.

Carmen Homsey - Founder, Stage Brands 

“Sarah is an exceptional coach – her coaching combines great energy and commitment for bringing out potential and a cut through approach to challenging limiting beliefs and mindsets that helped me to accelerate shifts and changes to ingrained behaviours.


My experience of coaching with Sarah was thought provoking, practical and highly impactful. I often find myself sharing ideas, concepts and strategies with others that I accredit to Sarah as they have stayed with me long after the coaching sessions.


Sarah draws on a breadth of resources and models that I found engaging and stretching – this has broadened my perspective and given me new strategies and tools for reflection and development.”

Marie Petts - Head of organisation effectivenessChannel 4

The most surprising thing about the leadership coaching I've done with The Work Psychologists for the past 12 months is how little we actually talk about work! 

When I started working with The Work Psychologists, I thought I needed business coaching – but I've realised that work isn't in a vacuum and that by talking through what's happening in life outside of work, I get a lot more bandwidth and headspace to focus on my work. I didn't realise how much brain space gets taken up with everything outside work or how much it impacts my performance.

Arran - Coulson - Managing DirectorConditional Environment

I asked The Work Psychologists to put together a wellbeing intervention at short notice for our most senior group of leaders in EMEA.  She understood the brief and our context very quickly and was able to deliver, along with her colleague Dr Chloe, just what we needed.  They succeeded in sharing pertinent content and setting the perfect tone to start a high level, meaningful conversation on this important topic.  The session was well received and we definitely plan to do more with The Work Psychologists in this space going forward."


The Work Psychologists are exceptional at what they do. We were given a real insight into our team make up and clear direction for us going forward. As our team grows, we were provided with the tools to better understand our own characters, as well as those of our colleagues. We came away feeling even more energised and focussed on delivering our deals in a collaborative and efficient manner! 

Real Estate Private Equity Fund Client 

The leadership profiling conducted by the Work Psychologists was immensely useful in my career progression to GC. It provided the opportunity to reflect on the skills and experiences which had propelled me to my current role, and those to be developed and gained to excel in my future role. Having not undertaken anything similar before, I was unsure of the benefit, but would now thoroughly recommend. The process was thorough, engaging and thought provoking, giving me a better understanding of my leadership style. The output was practical and tailored, offering immediate and tangible benefits.

Ian Buckley, Deputy General Counsel, TT Electronics

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