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Using Psychometrics to build high performing teams


Unleashing Collaborative Working through Self-awareness

At the heart of every high performing team is a foundation of collaborative working. A critical aspect of fostering this collaboration is understanding oneself and the diverse personalities within the team. Attaining this insight is a journey we're passionate about facilitating.

Each individual brings a unique perspective, with no personality being consistently 'right' or 'wrong' for a role. Some might naturally excel in areas like conceptual thinking, goal-setting, collaboration, or listening. Others might find themselves stretching beyond their comfort zones. This is why we recommend a team development exercise that focuses on increasing self-awareness and how to work most effectively together to create tangible results. 

Contrary to popular belief, high performers shouldn't be expected to excel at everything. Instead, building high performing teams means leveraging the strengths of each member while acknowledging and mitigating potential weaknesses. It's about recognizing complementary skills and ensuring that processes are in place to minimise the impact of any limitations.

Our Approach:

Our journey starts with a comprehensive personality psychometric test(1) for each team member. This tool provides a particularly rich and deep profile, revealing three distinct  distinct personas within each individual:

  1. Inside Persona: This is the core self – the intrinsic nature, preferences, and tendencies that have been shaped over a lifetime. It represents who an individual truly is at their core, away from societal influences and expectations.

  2. Everyday Persona: This relates to how an individual typically behaves in everyday situations, especially in work environments or social settings. It's influenced by both the internal nature and external expectations or roles they've adopted over time.

  3. Overextended Persona: This captures an individual's reactions and behaviours under stressful or challenging circumstances. It reveals overplayed strengths and areas for development when the going gets tough.

Based on these personas, feedback is tailored and provided in one of two formats, depending on budgets and timeframes: individually in a one-on-one coaching setting and/ or collectively during a vibrant team workshop.

The team workshop isn't just informative; it's engaging and fun. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in tailored activities such as a human version of "Guess Who?" or crafting individualised personality bracelets. These interactive sessions offer insights and so much more; they foster team cohesion, enhance collaborative working, and allow team members to appreciate the diverse strengths and perspectives that each brings to the table.


Ready to Transform Your Team?

Engage in our unique team development exercise designed to elevate collaborative working. If you're eager to take the first step towards building a high performing team through personality psychometric testing, reach out to our team today.

While we have a preferred tool, we are adaptable and can modify our approach depending on the unique needs of each situation.

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