Our 'Why' 

We are a ‘people-first’ business psychology consultancy. Our primary purpose is to help people in organisations thrive and to make the world of work better for everyone. We do this by offering a number of services including emotional intelligence training, leadership coaching and change management consultancy.

 Why choose us? 

We are experts

Our small but mighty team of business psychologists, leadership experts, change culture consultants, therapists, coaches and facilitators have a wealth of experience in business, psychology, workplace culture and how to foster high performance. We have worked in, led and consulted to organisations across a broad range of sectors. We have earned our stripes. Deploying everything from executive leadership development training days, to change management consultancy sessions, along with business performance coaching programmes. From executive level, through to senior management, including your board of advisors, our professional and experienced business performance psychologists have the skills and expertise to implement highly effective and actionable leadership and management development programmes.

We care deeply

Business is all about people. We’ll never deny the importance of the wider system, processes and structures in an organisation, but everything we do is geared towards developing systems that support people to thrive. Work can be the source of fulfilment and purpose, or stress, anxiety and depression. We know which of these two we’d rather create. Sometimes, all it takes is a discovery session with a culture change consultant and a little bit of executive career coaching to deliver a profound shift in happiness and productivity.

We offer a bullshit-free service

This might not be something you’d expect to hear from a typical leadership consultancy team, but it’s central to how we work. We are known for naming the elephant in the room, calling leaders to account and supporting workplaces to become transparent, psychologically safe and honest. We are comfortable working with the tough stuff, and we do that with empathy and insight. If you are ready to invest in your people and want to work with the best culture change consultants uk, then it’s time to get in touch.

We have a unique sweet spot

Our founder, Sarah-Jane Last, noticed a gap in the market for a consultancy that takes an academically rigorous approach, informed by the latest psychological science, delivered in a human, down-to-earth way, and incorporating approaches that tap into what it really means to be human, such as using psychodynamic tools and working with meaning, emotion and working with therapeutic principles around systems and relationships. Our clients appreciate our candour, our sense of humour and our expertise. We are never stuffy, corporate or boring. Our executive coaching services get results and in the end, that’s what matters.

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