Why We Exist  

To empower your people so your organisation can thrive


Here’s the deal…


People are your greatest asset, and in these volatile, fast-changing times, it’s crucial you know how to harness their power.

Using the latest psychological science
and evidence-based research, we work with
you at every level of your business to get the
best from your people and create an organisation fit for the future.

Our clients are progressive, creative
and forward-thinking. And like us,
they’re not afraid to push the boundaries.

 Why choose us? 

We are experts

Our small but mighty team of business psychologists, leadership experts, change consultants, therapists, coaches and facilitators have a wealth of experience in business, psychology, workplace culture and how to foster high performance. We have worked in, led and consulted to organisations across a broad range of sectors. We have earned our stripes.

We care deeply

Business is all about people. We’ll never deny the importance of the wider system, processes and structures in an organisation, but everything we do is geared towards developing systems that support people to thrive. Work can be the source of fulfilment and purpose, or stress, anxiety and depression. We know which of these two we’d rather create.

We offer a bullshit-free service

This might not be something you'd expect to hear from a typical leadership consultancy team, but we think it's extremely relevant to the way we work with our clients. Each of us on the team has had to deal with hugely challenging life and work circumstances over the years, and each of us knows what it is like to deal with enormous personal challenges alongside our responsibilities to our workplaces, colleagues and clients. This matters right now: like it or not, people are facing a range of challenges, many of which are psychological and relational in nature. We know what it's like to struggle, and we know what is takes to keep showing up anyway.

We have a unique sweet spot
Our founder, Sarah-Jane Last, noticed a gap in the market for a consultancy that takes an academically rigorous approach, informed by the latest psychological science, delivered in a human, down-to-earth way, and incorporating approaches that tap into what it really means to be human, such as using psychodynamic tools and working with meaning, emotion and working with therapeutic principles around systems and relationships. Our clients appreciate our candour, our sense of humour and our expertise. We are never stuffy, corporate or boring.

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