Leadership Development

Have you ever been managed by someone who didn’t do anything to develop themselves or improve their performance? 

We all know that leaders set the tone and have enormous influence on how a business performs and on the kind of culture it creates. We also know that around the world, millions of people feel disengaged, undervalued, disempowered and voiceless in their workplaces. It’s not fair to expect our leaders to be superhuman, but it is absolutely fair to expect them to turn some of their time and effort towards their own development. Targeted and highly tailored executive leadership training can help with all of that.

In organisations where leaders do not proactively invest in their own and their colleagues’ development, all sorts of issues can take root – a culture of silence, learned helplessness, micromanagement and so on. In many cases, a lack of leadership development can be linked to a toxic culture. Team management training is critical if you want to avoid this type of negativity from infiltrating the core of your business. 

The amount of human potential that is left on the floor every day is staggering – and here at The Work Psychologists, we’re on a mission to change that with our leadership training london programmes.

Leadership development sometimes means developing strategic skills. At other times, it means letting your colleagues see the real you behind the work mask you put on. Vulnerability, emotional intelligence, being aware of your biases, continually becoming anti-racist, putting diversity and inclusion on the agenda, paying attention to the stories you’re telling and the elephants in the room – this is a large part of the leadership agenda these days. These are just some of the things that we will focus on as part of our executive team leader training.

The era of sitting in your corner office barking orders at your subordinates has gone. In the next ten or twenty years, we are going to expect leaders to be as attentive to their own development as they are to the bottom line. Continued emotional intelligence and corporate training will be critical to foster that coveted inclusive and productive workplace. 

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