In these incredibly unique times, the above quote is truer than ever. Heightened uncertainty, risk and complexity pose extraordinary challenges for today‘s leaders and organisations. 

But it is one thing to know how vital leadership is, and another to know how to select and develop the kind of leaders your organisation needs if it is to thrive. 

That’s where leadership assessments come in. As one of the top business leadership assessment providers in London we have developed a bespoke leadership development service, guaranteed to deliver results.

A robust, evidence-based leadership assessment process can provide an invaluable resource and additional source of data to support you to make the most informed decision when it comes to selection and development. Leadership consulting is no longer a nice to have, but we believe a must have service if you want to maximise the full potential of your executives and leaders and support them in achieving peak performance.

Here at The Work Psychologists, we’re really proud of our leadership assessments based on our unique Future Leader model:


The cognitive firepower and critical thinking needed to reason, plan, adapt and learn.


The core essence of who we are - our Leadership DNA. Reflected in the way we think, act and feel.


The inner energy and fierce ambition that fuels our passion; motivating us to accomplish our goals and push through in the face of adversity.


The unique knowledge, skills and abilities required to excel in the leadership of people and teams within a specific organisation.


The capacity and relentless willingness to continually learn from experience. Achieving growth through proactive use of feedback and self-reflection.


The ability to innovate, recognise and pursue opportunities and be a positive force for change and progress.

Below are just some of the reasons why we believe leadership assessments are vital for modern businesses:

  • We assess beyond performance. Many selection decisions are made based on performance and how someone interviews. Interview performance does not correlate with on-the-job performance, and performance, in and of itself, does not indicate potential

  • We consider leadership potential to be the most important predictor of success at all levels of leadership, hence why we put so much emphasis on our leadership consultancy services


  • Our bespoke methodology, the Leaders of the Future framework, identifies who has future potential and how companies can develop and deploy this

  • Our expert leadership assessors are qualified business psychologists with a deep understanding of the psychological factors required to lead well

  • They will deliver the framework, analyse the results and then present actionable executive career coach advise that can be immediately implemented

  • Interviews are the worse predicators for success. That’s why continually investing in your workforce by offering leadership assessments can deliver the best outcomes for success

Sound interesting?

Why not chat to our team and find out more about our leadership assessments.

“The quality of leaders and managers is the single biggest factor in your organisation’s success,”

Gallup - 2019

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