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How to Become a Good Future Leader: Unraveling the FUTURE Model of Leadership Assessment

In our challenging and ever-changing world, leadership plays an instrumental role in steering the ship through both calm and turbulent waters. Leadership is not about holding a title, wielding authority, or simply commanding others; it's much deeper and more profound than that. True leadership is about connection, empathy, courage, and authenticity. It's about understanding the heart and soul of an organization and its people. And it's about using tools like leadership assessments, diagnostics, and psychometrics to make informed and wise decisions.

At The Work Psychologists, we’ve developed a unique and comprehensive approach to leadership, known as the FUTURE model. Just as Brene Brown once wisely said, "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen," the FUTURE model helps leaders show up authentically and courageously.

A Leadership Assessment is a powerful tool on any leadership journey, offering an in-depth mirror to reflect our abilities, strengths, and areas where growth can occur. It is as if we are creating a map of our leadership landscape, marking out the terrains we navigate with ease and those where we may need additional skills or support.

Yet, the true power of a Leadership Assessment lies in its commitment to an evidence-based approach. Anchoring assessments in evidence is akin to ensuring our map is accurate, reliable, and objective. It eliminates the risk of misjudging our path due to subjective bias and instead presents a truthful picture of our leadership capabilities.

The importance of this evidence-based methodology is its capacity to fuel growth and inspire action. When an assessment is grounded in evidence, its findings transform into a beacon that guides our future leadership development. It paves the way for customized coaching, tailored training, and targeted strategies that align precisely with our unique needs.

In essence, evidence-based Leadership Assessments act as our compass on the leadership journey, empowering us to navigate the path to growth with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

To find out what is actually assessed in our Leader of the Future Process read on…

FUTURE MODEL  - Leadership Assessments
Leadership Assessments

F : Cognitive Flexibility - your innate FIRE POWER

Cognitive flexibility is the mental ability to switch between thinking about two different concepts or to think about multiple concepts simultaneously. It's an essential quality for leaders, particularly in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Cognitive flexibility enables leaders to adapt to new information, challenges, and changes. It allows them to think outside the box, solve complex problems, see patterns, and come up with innovative solutions. It's about being open to new ideas, different perspectives, and unconventional approaches.

Leadership assessments can provide valuable insights into a leader's cognitive flexibility. They can reveal how well a leader adapts to change, manages complexity, and navigates uncertainty. By enhancing their cognitive flexibility, leaders can foster a more adaptable, innovative, and resilient team.

Remember, it's not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change. So, if leaders are able to embrace cognitive flexibility, they are better equipped to embrace change. Because it's our ability to adapt, innovate, and evolve that will shape our future.

U: Understanding Your Uniqueness

True leadership comes from embracing and understanding your uniqueness. Every leader has a distinctive blend of experiences, talents, and perspectives that shape who they are. This uniqueness isn't just about skills or abilities; it's about your story, your values, your passions.

Brene Brown reminds us, "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." The journey towards understanding your uniqueness involves deep self-reflection, self-acceptance, and authenticity. It's about owning your story, loving yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Our FUTURE™ Leadership assessments and psychometrics can help you gain a better understanding of your unique qualities. They provide valuable insights into your leadership style, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. By understanding and embracing your uniqueness, you can lead with authenticity, inspiring others to do the same.

After all, people don't follow leaders because they're perfect; they follow them because they're real. When you understand and embrace your uniqueness, you create a space where others feel safe to do the same. You create a culture of authenticity, courage, and belonging, which is the bedrock of effective leadership.

So, let's dare to be ourselves, in all our glory and imperfection. Let's embrace our uniqueness, and let it shine through in our leadership. Because it's our uniqueness that makes us who we are. And it's who we are that makes us leaders.

T: Transformational Drive

Transformational Drive is an innate desire to strive for continuous growth, progress, and improvement. It's about pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and making a positive difference with a far-sighted purpose in mind. It's about the determination to turn vision into reality and drive significant change within the organization and beyond.

Leaders with a strong Transformational Drive have a profound impact on their teams and organizations. They are able to inspire others with their passion, determination, and resilience. They foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and continuous learning. They turn challenges into opportunities and dreams into realities.

Transformational Drive is about more than just achieving goals; it's about inspiring others, making a difference, and leaving a lasting legacy. It's about turning the ordinary into extraordinary and shaping the future through our actions and impact.

U: Uniqueness of Role

Every company has a unique character, a distinct blend of values, culture, people, and goals that sets it apart from others. Similarly, every role within a company carries its own unique set of responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. Understanding the uniqueness of your company and your role is a pivotal part of effective leadership.

A company's uniqueness is its authentic self, its identity. It's about recognizing and celebrating what makes the organization distinct and the specific leadership role within it.

Understanding the uniqueness of your role is about recognizing your specific responsibilities, impact, and potential. It's about using your unique position to influence change, drive progress, and make a difference. This is where our Leadership assessments and diagnostics begin and provide valuable insights into your role and its unique demands and opportunities which we will then assess you against to ensure the best fit for you and the specific role within your organization.

R: Reflective Growth

Reflective Growth is about taking a step back, examining our actions and decisions, and learning from our experiences. It's about using reflection as a tool for personal and professional growth.

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. It's a path marked by victories and setbacks, triumphs and trials. Reflective Growth is about recognizing that every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity for learning and growth. It's about turning experiences into wisdom, challenges into opportunities, and mistakes into lessons.

Reflective Growth involves questioning assumptions, challenging perspectives, and expanding our understanding. It's about embracing vulnerability, acknowledging weaknesses, and striving for improvement. This is where tools like leadership assessments and diagnostics can be invaluable, providing insights and feedback that enable us to reflect more deeply and learn more effectively.

Reflective Growth is not about striving for perfection; it's about striving for progress. It's about acknowledging that we're works in progress, that we're constantly evolving and growing.

E: Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit embodies qualities such as innovation, risk-taking, and the ability to see opportunities. This mindset, vital for leaders, is about continuous learning, adaptability, and breaking from tradition to craft unique solutions.

Entrepreneurial leaders leverage the uniqueness of their organization or role to identify new possibilities. Tools like assessments and diagnostics can measure and foster your entrepreneurial spirit, revealing your adaptability, innovative thinking, and risk tolerance.

So, the FUTURE™ model encapsulates the essential qualities of effective leadership. But it's not just about knowing these qualities; it's about embodying them in our daily actions and interactions.

At The Work Psychologists, we utilize a combination of leadership assessments, diagnostics, psychometrics, and coaching to help leaders and teams realize their full potential. These tools provide a deep, data-driven understanding of individual and team dynamics, illuminating the path towards more effective and authentic leadership.

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Just as a tree grows and strengthens over time, so does our leadership. It involves continuous learning, growth, and self-reflection. The FUTURE™ model is not a checklist to be completed but a compass to guide us on our leadership journey. Indeed, each component of the FUTURETM model – is interrelated. These traits do not usually exist in isolation.

This quote from Brene Brown, beautifully encapsulates the essence of leadership: "Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage. The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up."

So, let's embrace our courage, step up, and become the authentic, effective leaders we aspire to be. Let’s shape the future – our future – through meaningful and impactful leadership. It's time to embrace our FUTURE™ model of leadership and become the leaders we're destined to be.

Contact us for more information or discuss how you, can become the Leader of the FUTURE!



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