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The Work 


We use the latest psychological science to transform the success of your organisation
by unleashing the power of your people. 


Because in a world where everything is changing,
you need leaders you can rely on.

 Why We Exist  

To empower your people so your organisation can thrive


Here’s the deal…


People are your greatest asset, and in these volatile, fast-changing times, it’s crucial you know how to harness their power.

Using the latest psychological science
and evidence-based research, we work with
you at every level of your business to get the
best from your people and create an organisation fit for the future.

Our clients are progressive, creative
and forward-thinking. And like us,
they’re not afraid to push the boundaries.

The quality of leaders and managers
is the single biggest factor in your organisation's long-term success. 

Gallup, 2019



The right person for the right job at the right time

Coaching & Development


Making your people
the very best version
of themselves 


Bespoke psychological services to harness the power of your people

The Science of
What Works at Work


How We Work​

Our Formula for Success 

Evidence-based leadership is the practice of making leadership and people-related

decisions using critical thinking and the best available evidence.

4 Sources

professional expertise


values and concerns


Scientific literature

empirical studies

internal data



& Assessing

Searching for Evidence

& Acquiring

Judging Validity
and Relevance

& Aggregating

Evaluating the Outcome


Organisations where we've made people amazing 

There are only two ways to influence
human behavior:  you can manipulate
it or you can inspire it.

Simon Sinek

Who Are We

We are the new Vanguard... 

 ...a collective of passionate, highly experienced
business psychologists,
business leaders, HR experts, coaches,
facilitators, academics, technologists and corporate veterans.

Our backgrounds are diverse but we have come together through a single,
shared ambition: to make the world of work better for everyone.

Their style is high challenge and support whilst pushing
the boundaries for individuals to achieve their personal objectives and potential. We truly cannot get enough
of the Work Psychologists.

Shetel Khimashia: Talent and Culture Manager at Channel 4 

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