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Nims Dhawan

Organisational Psychologist and Certified Transactional Analyst

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Nims has over 15 years experience in the private and public sector as an organisational psychologist. She focuses on the dynamics of the organisation at the most senior levels and how this impacts the wider organisation and their strategy. She has an interest in culture and leadership, where these two aspects are often seen as both the problem and the solution to the organisation’s challenges.  


As a certified transactional analyst, she uses this psychology (transactional analysis – TA) to work with individuals at a profound level touching on purpose, identity and the client’s own internal process (their beliefs and assumptions about themselves, others and the context they operate in). TA enables her to understand the pathology of individuals/groups. However, her focus remains on creating therapeutic coaching interventions to support the client’s psychological health and promote their autonomy. Nims has coached leaders of multi-billion pound projects, board and executive committee members creating personal challenges which have led to organisational change, increased revenue and better client relationships.  


Nims likes to work with what is not being said or voiced. Using her intuition, she delves deep and often brings the elephant into the room. While Nims can be provocative, she is equally caring and compassionate with her clients. The relationship with her clients is front and centre of her practice. She focuses on developing a shared understanding and paying close attention to her client's needs.  


She is a coaching and consulting supervisor, supporting experienced coaches, psychologists and consultants to sharpen their own practice, creating spaces where they can feel supported, building their own confidence and developing their resilience. 


Nims is a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA-O) and a member of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). She is at Ashridge completing her postgraduate diploma in Organisational and Coaching Supervision. 

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