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Katya Thain


Katya Thain with a Masters, from Ashridge has 35 years in business at senior roles, she has chaired or facilitated multiple sessions and discussions both within companies and at conferences, strategic sessions, department reviews and other situations.  The focus is always to involve every individual into the conversation and solicit every team member opinion.

As a Facilitator Katya, is a dynamic facilitator and executive coach who feels it is essential to give every opinion value and time to express.


Katya has an extensive background, in senior roles. Vice President of sales and marketing, Director, Chairperson, Partner of an International Consultancy, FMCG, Real Estate, Advertising, Food Manufacturing. Property development, Newspaper publishing.

Completed first degree in coaching 12 years ago in UK.

Katya is an Ashridge executive coach, accredited by EMCC. In addition, she has graduated from Moscow State University, psychology course, and psychoanalysis at NEWPSY. Working as a coach for 9 years, the most recent year has seen a focus on coaching private clients and leaders.

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