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Business Psychologists

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Harri is passionate about getting the best out of people, enabling them to unlock their potential and improve their self-awareness. She is a qualified business psychologist and leadership development consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the design, development and delivery of innovative people management solutions. Harri brings an in-depth understanding of people to facilitate an understanding of the behaviours and values that drive performance and culture and to support the development of organisations and their leaders.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership development, including development centre design, assessment and management, 360 degree feedback design and delivery, feedback and development planning

  • Executive coaching

  • Design and delivery of talent management solutions, e.g. competency and values framework design, behavioural simulation design, senior assessment processes

  • Training– to help equip individuals with the skills they need for high performance 

  • Executive assessment, including psychometric testing, personality assessment and deep dive interviewing

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