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Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell

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Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with more than 25 years of coaching experience. She runs a private clinic helping people overcome Mental Heath difficulties and is an expert in the field of Trauma and Loss.


Dr Chloe gained her doctorate in Counselling Psychology in 2009 and continues to lecture, supervise and speak on Grief, Trauma and Loss; helping organisations embrace Mental Health at work. She is passionate about raising awareness and exploring ways in which human beings can overcome crisis and adversity. She publishes work on Grief and Traumatic Loss, and supervises a number of PhD projects on Trauma and PTSD. Dr Chloe has been able to marry up her background in Organisational Development with her Clinical Expertise on Mental Health and Wellbeing and enjoys working with leaders and professionals all over the world to help them foster psychological safety to promote teamwork, engender resilience and mental fortitude in the workplace and generate creative solutions that encourages people to thrive through adversity and crisis.


Dr Choe often works one to one with people in a therapeutic coaching capacity, helping them to resiliently find ways to moderate Mental Health Symptoms. She is an Associate for the Work Psychologists and has authored a 6 piece series on Thriving through Grief for Leaders. She is currently leading a number of Grief and Trauma webinars to inform, educate and upskill leaders to support their teams through crisis.