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Anita Kotla


An experienced Business Psychologist and a leadership and assessment expert, Anita is recognised for building trust-based relationships with senior business leaders. Her career includes two decades in a variety of organisational behaviour roles with Shell, with a particular focus on leadership development and assessment in a global context. Well-versed in the realities of global business, Anita brings a commercial and pragmatic focus to her business psychology practice. She has delivered work across a variety of cultures – in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Since establishing her independent practice, she has mainly found herself in demand for senior executive assessments (focusing on selection, development or assessment of potential), utilising a variety of psychometric tools to unlock deeper insights. With her broader organisational behaviour background, she is also highly skilled in designing and leading complex, often bespoke, leadership development programmes across a range of leadership levels. Her strong inquiry skills coupled with her ability to bring clarity to complex, systemic issues enable her to deal effectively with the uncertainty and fast-paced change that define our current reality. 

Her particular interests are cross-cultural leadership, decision quality and applying psychology to business in ways that maximise value for the client whilst preserving the intent and integrity of the approaches used. 


Postgraduate degree in Psychology, London Metropolitan University

MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, Poland

Ability and Personality testing (BPS Level A and B)

Graduate Member of British Psychological Society since 2006

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