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Alison Hall

Business Psychologist

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Alison is a business psychologist, workshop facilitator and coach.  Prior to this, she practised as a commercial lawyer for 12 years at two leading London firms following a Psychology degree from Bristol University.  During her career she has worked across various sectors with individuals, charities and organisations from small business to funds with assets in excess of £1bn.  Her extensive experience in business environments has exposed her to the range of issues business psychologists seek to improve together with an in-depth understanding of the practical constraints within which they must operate.  As a result she is skilled at delivering an insightful but also, crucially, commercial service. 


Alison is fascinated by the interaction between individuals and teams within organisations, between personalities and situations, what motivates people, who flourishes and why some talented individuals sometimes might not.  What she finds really fulfilling is enabling people, groups and organisations to realise their full potential.  


Through her coaching work, Alison supports people in changing their mindset and perspectives, making way for transformational experiences.  Authenticity, human connection and action based growth underpin her approach.


Alison has complemented her practical experience with a Masters in Business Psychology at UCL (distinction).  Her research project focused on the selection and assessment methods used at Professional Services Firms. She is a committed contributor to the Association of Business Psychologists and, as an advocate for evidenced based practice, is a member of the Evidenced Based HR Forum.

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