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Matt Bell

Educational & Occupational Psychologist 

A specialist leader in the co-ordination and development of provision for organisations and individuals with educational needs and disabilities.   Experienced in leading and supporting others to solve the most complex and pressing issues in inclusion, diversity, learning and development.  As a senior leader, those issues have included everything from navigating the future of work and implementation of scalable products, to leading effective teams and delivering innovative strategies to promote accountability and awareness of leading, inclusion and diversity. 


As a seasoned occupational and business psychologist with specialisms in neurodiversity, leadership, quality of life and organisational development, Matt brings a unique blend of expertise to his work helping top executives unlock their full potential and achieve exceptional results. Matt's background in management consultancy, coaching, psychology and business analytics, combined with his experience in solving complex and pressing issues in inclusion, diversity, learning, and development, enables him to offer a personalized and comprehensive approach to his clients.


Drawing on his extensive experience, he works closely with his clients to understand their unique strengths and challenges and develop tailored strategies for success. Whether facing a major transition, seeking to enhance their leadership skills, or simply looking to improve their performance, he can help his clients achieve their goals and reach new heights in their careers. As a specialist leader in the coordination and development of provision for organizations and individuals with neurodiverse conditions, I bring a wealth of experience in navigating the future of work, leading effective teams, and delivering innovative strategies to promote accountability and awareness of leading, inclusion, and diversity.


Matt's goal is to support organisations and individuals to reach their full potential and achieve exceptional results, while promoting inclusivity and diversity. With a proven track record as a senior leader, he brings a wealth of experience to my work, including working with a wide range of multinational companies in strategic functions, ranging from the Civil Service to the London Stock Exchange and Multiverse.


Matt proudly calls himself an educationalist, having spent the early part of his career developing pioneering and sustainable school and college provisions. He has studied widely, including DOccPsy in Occupational Psychology, MBA in Leading Global Operations at MIT, MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology and MA in Psychosocial Studies and Education.  Currently, he is leading in the development of neurorehabilitation colleges and social enterprise programmes, as well as neurodiversity psychometrics and organisational development matrices. He is well published on areas from skill acquisition, leadership training and utility analysis of neurodiversity programmes, and have lectured at universities across the country on headteacher training and inclusive leadership.


Matt's specialist areas of interest include Compassionate Leadership, Authenticity, Neurodiversity, Psychological Safety, Potential to Change, Individual Differences and High Performing Teams, demonstrating my expertise and focus on important aspects of leadership development and organizational culture.  Matt's unique blend of expertise, experience, and personalized approach, makes him the ideal choice for c-suite executives and organizations seeking to achieve exceptional results, promote inclusivity and diversity, and unlock their full potential.

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