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Organisational Performance Psychologist

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Dani is a numbers nerd and a psychology junkie. After 20 years on the front line delivering organisational transformations, she followed her passion into the field of business psychology. A management accountant and a psychologist, Dani specialises in analysing and influencing organisational structures, systems and relationships to enhance organisational performance. Dani’s ability to bring business meaning to qualitative and quantitative analyses is highly valued by her clients.


Dani has consulted globally in the field of organisational development and transformation, both as a Big 4 consultant and a freelancer. Dani has worked with the top teams of several household names as well as small to medium-sized organisations. Dani helps her clients overcome challenges related to business growth, operational complexity and regulatory risk. Dani’s research interests are in decision-making psychology and its relationship to organisational culture.


Dani is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and holds an MSc in Work Psychology. Dani is currently studying for a professional doctorate in organisational psychology at Birkbeck.



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