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Culture & Change Management

Change Management

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that businesses need to be prepared to pivot fast and expect the unexpected. Change is constant, unpredictable and unavoidable these days. We are living in disruptive times and you need to work with culture change consultants you can trust to be ahead of the curve.

Despite this, change management is one of the most difficult areas for organisations to navigate successfully. Untold change programmes within organisations fail, and countless businesses struggle to adapt to an ever-changing world.

We specialise in the people side of change management, addressing the psychology, underlying dynamics and fears at play, and the hopes and vision for the future. People crave and resist change, often at the same time, and once you understand what’s going on within and between your people, you significantly increase the chances of your change programme being a success.

Our culture change consultants bring diverse and complementary perspectives on the psychological processes at play in individuals, groups and organisations to support our clients to navigate multiple different kinds of change. We blend a strong scientific evidence base with a deep understanding of business psychology, our own experience as entrepreneurs, employees and leaders, and an insightful therapeutic lens.

We offer consultancy to businesses:

  • Before, during and after restructures

  • Going through changes in leadership

  • Wanting to become more agile and responsive

  • Dealing with the fallout of unexpected or unwanted change

  • Planning their next big change project

  • Trying to create lasting culture change.

Culture Change 

How would you describe your organisation’s culture? Is it supportive, innovative, boundary-pushing and kind? Is it controlling, mistrustful or even quite toxic? Are there positive aspects to the culture that sit alongside less positive ones? 

Culture is a real conundrum for organisations these days. As we’ve become increasingly aware of just how critical employee engagement, leadership behaviours and purpose are (to name just three so-called ‘soft’ elements that have a tangible impact on the bottom line), we’ve also collectively realised how hard it is to create a brilliant culture. That’s why the role of the culture change consultant has risen in prominence and importance.

Creating real culture change needs much more than a few shiny posters on the walls. It’s easy to spend thousands of pounds and hours on developing pithy culture statements only to find that these don’t take root in the organisation. That’s why we take an “inside out” approach, discovering who you already are rather than imposing something onto your organisation that just doesn’t stick. That’s why as culture change consultants uk, we like to get under the skin of your business, to review and analyse your existing culture.

Our approach to culture change is based on the understanding that culture is always evolving, and that every person in a system has the opportunity to make an impact on how that system functions. 

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