Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching offers people a space like no other – somewhere to press pause on the busyness of their day-to-day roles and lives in order to reflect and think strategically about who they are, what they want and how to bridge the gap between where they are where they want to be. 

Our approach to coaching leaders and executives is unique:

  • We only coach people we truly believe we can support. We’d rather turn down the work than work with someone who we didn’t feel we could help.

  • We run a deep ‘diagnostic phase’ to see if individual coaching is what’s really needed (or whether team coaching or a systemic intervention would be more suited). We won’t agree to coaching one of your leaders if we feel the root of the issue is actually in the team or the wider system or culture.

  • We make it clear from the offset that one outcome of the coaching might be that people leave. Coaching is ultimately about change and transformation. That can mean internal shifts in how people perceive the challenges they’re facing. It can also mean decisions are made that change the course of their lives. If you send one of your leaders to us for coaching, you need to be prepared for both outcomes.

  • We work in a psychologically deep way. Many of our coaches are also trained therapists. All of us support the people we work with to understand themselves in a deep way.

Career Coaching

“What’s next? How do I fulfil my potential? What should I do with my life?”

These are among of the biggest and most powerful questions we face in our lives. With more options and career paths available to us than ever before, and with jobs that didn’t even exist a decade ago, the amount of choice available to us can be overwhelming.

For those of us lucky enough to find a good enough answer, we then face the challenge of how to fulfil our potential in the role or calling we have chosen. Executive coaching and career coaching can help people answer these vital questions so that they – and the organisations they work for – can thrive.

Why seek career coaching?

Career coaching can be a powerful intervention at any point in your career. For example:

Starting out Many of us are woefully underprepared for a career. We leave school and are given outdated guidance that suited the way careers worked forty or fifty years ago, but which isn’t fit for purpose for the volatile, uncertain world we live in now. Girls in particular are taught how to excel at school – but what gets you to the top of the class will not get you to the Boardroom (if that’s where your ambitions lie). 



Some people are naturally strategic about what they’re doing, where they’re heading and what they need to focus on (and, by definition, let go of) in order to accomplish their goals. Other people either aren’t natural strategic thinkers, or are so immersed in the busyness of their lives that they have no headspace to zoom out and think through the next one, five or ten years. If your career feels stagnant, you’re bored, you’re not growing or you have that feeling that you’re just not doing what you really want to be doing, career coaching can get you unstuck and catapult you forward. 

Changing careers 


The ‘job-for-life’ era is long gone; these days, we can have up to five different careers in our lifetime. Changing career can be a daunting prospect when you have a mortgage, family or other financial responsibilities. The weight of other people’s expectations – or your own – can be heavy, and fear of failure or reluctance to ‘start all over again’ has left countless people stuck in careers they no longer love. Again, career coaching can help you show up as the leader you are in your own life so you make the decisions that will lead you to say in years to come, “I am so glad I did that.” 

We tell every HRD or Head of People that sending their people for coaching might mean they end up leaving. Ultimately, if someone isn’t fulfilling their potential in the organisation or the role, it’s not good for them and it’s not good for the business.

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